BUCKZA . COM Personal Website of Riaan Venter aka BuckZA

I was born in June, 1962 (Gemini), in a small town called Nigel in South Africa, weighing in at 2 pounds and 3 ounces (2 months premature). My first 3 months were spend in an incubator.

After high school, I joined the SOUTH AFRICAN AIR FORCE for a period of 5 years, and ended my military career as a Sergeant. From there, I started off my career in the computer industry. I've been working as a consultant for the past 16 years. My skills include Unix, Informix, Oracle, Informatica, Data Warehousing, Systems Analysis, Data Architecting/Data Modeling, etc.

I worked as a counselor for Life Line (24 hr Support Help line) in South Africa for 2 years. During that time I was introduced to NLP, which changed my life in many ways. A year later I completed my practitioner's course and completed my master practitioner's course the following year. During that time I did a lot of counseling for one of the AIDS clinics in South Africa. In November 1998 I moved to Orlando, Florida. My life in the USA has been great. Although I had never been to the USA before, I had a few friends that I had met on the internet prior to moving here. They were of great help in the beginning with advice and answering my questions.

Getting back to the name BUCKZA: Lots of people asked me where this name came from. I recall the first time I registered for an internet e-mail address. I was asked for a nick name. I had no idea what to use. At that moment I looked at the TV and BUCK ROGERS was on. I just said make it Buck. The ZA is the international country code for South Africa and that came about after I've moved to the USA.