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Get $25 Free from ING Direct

Hereís an easy way to make $25 cash for just a few minutes of your time. Open a high-interest online savings account (currently earning 3.5% 3.75% 4.20%).

ING Direct is a very popular online bank. ING has no physical branches anywhere and to me honest that did make me a bit skeptical, but by not having physical branches they keep overheads down and thus can offer these high interest rates.

$95 Free for a family of 3

This is how it works. To get your $25 from ING when you open a Savings account with a minimum of $250. ING deposit $25 into your savings account, which is available after 30 days. The person that referred you gets $10. So lets do the math for a family of 3.

Account 1     $25
Account 2     $25   $10
Account 3     $25   $10

For a family of 4 this jumps to $130.

Even is you do not have a family, I think that a 10% return on your money in todayís times is great. The beauty of this is that you can withdraw the money after 30 days. Where else can you make 10% on your money in 30 days?

You need a Referral to claim the $25 bonus

Each ING account holder can send out 25 referrals (If you need a referral please Contact Me ). I have 25 left and will send the links out to the 1st 25 people that email me back with their name and put ING Direct into the email subject line.

If I refer 25 people, Iíll make an additional $250 ($10 X 25). Thatís a return of 110% on an initial investment of $250 ($275 / $250), plus I have created and extra $625 (25 * 25) in wealth for others. So here is the potential to manifest $875 out of thin air.

If you donít have the $250 to invest and therefore canít claim the $25 bonus, you can still open a free savings account. Just go to ING straight away and sign up for an Orange Saving Account.