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Personal Development Books I Recommend

Ask and it is Given, Jerry and Ester Hicks

I got quite a story about this book. A friend of mine recommended it to me a few months ago. I was very reluctant to go and buy this book, seeing that I still had about 5 new books to read. It was a rainy afternoon and it took me 1.25 hrs to get to the bookstore compared to the regular 15 minutes. By the time I arrived at the book store I was all worked up. I went in and found the book and as I picked it up I said to myself "This better be worth my drive here ..." and yes it was in all aspects.

I have heard about Ester and Jerry Hicks a few months before that but just did not really look into it. There is a saying "when the student is ready, the teacher appears" and that was the case for me. This is one book that has truly change my view on things and made me more consious about my thoughts and beliefs.

I was fortunate to see Ester live at the I can Do It conference in Orlando.